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After struggling for months with our home, I realized that I really needed to do something to make things better. I started looking around for different places that might be better for me and my family to move to, and I realized that there were a few places around that could really help. I decided to move and put a lot of my things in storage, and it was really remarkable to see how much better my place felt without so much stuff sitting around. I wanted to start a new blog that completely focused on moving and getting things done, so check out this website.


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Should You Rent a Moving Truck or Hire a Residential Moving Company? 4 Things to Guide You

Whether you plan to relocate across the county or to the next town, you might have a dilemma due to various decisions you must make. Should you rent a truck and handle the move yourself or hire a moving company? Renting and driving a truck with household belongings might be more complicated than you think because of the challenges you might experience and the risks involved. The following are reasons to consider hiring residential moving services instead. 

1. You Are Liable for Truck-Related Problems 

Renting a moving truck transfers a huge responsibility to your name. You'll need to ensure the truck is in good shape before and after moving. Once you hire the truck, you should ensure the tires, rims, engine, mirrors, lights, etc., are in good condition. This could be too much to handle, especially if you are in a hurry. Instead, consider working with professionals who will be responsible for the truck and your belongings. Professionals are adequately insured to protect your belongings from theft and loss. You will also avoid any additional expenses associated with the truck or property damage during the relocation. 

2. Driving Challenges 

Driving huge trucks is no mean feat. It is not as easy as driving an automatic saloon car. If you cannot drive a truck, you might need to hire a driver or work with the movers. Professional movers who have adequate experience in driving huge trucks will deliver your things to your destination safely and conveniently. Furthermore, they will be responsible for any mishaps that happen in transit. 

3. Gas Expenses 

Besides paying for rental and insurance fees, the truck requires gas to move from one point to another. Therefore, you will incur gas expenses and pay the driver, so renting a truck might not be economically viable. However, you can use a full-service moving package to avoid additional costs. The experts will provide a quote that includes all expenses. Once you agree to the fees, the moving company will facilitate the process. 

4. Time

One of the most inconvenient parts of renting a moving truck is the time it takes to find and pick the ideal one. You might need to evaluate the contract, determine if it has enough space to fit all your belongings, get necessary permits, and more. Hiring a moving service might be the right solution when you need quick residential moving services.

Don't take on the challenge of leasing a truck to move houses. These are some reasons to shun the idea and work with competent movers. Therefore, contact a reputable moving company near you to request a quote and seek more information.