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After struggling for months with our home, I realized that I really needed to do something to make things better. I started looking around for different places that might be better for me and my family to move to, and I realized that there were a few places around that could really help. I decided to move and put a lot of my things in storage, and it was really remarkable to see how much better my place felt without so much stuff sitting around. I wanted to start a new blog that completely focused on moving and getting things done, so check out this website.


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Moving Across Town? Don't Make These Moving Mistakes

You may be moving a short distance, but it is easy for your move to cost a lot more than you expect it to. If you plan on using movers, do not make these mistakes that can end up costing you money.

Not Getting An In-Person Estimate

You'll want to get estimates from several moving companies so that you can pick the best one. However, be aware that local moves are often charged by the hour, and the estimate is just a guess at how long your move will take based on the square footage of your current home.

If you want to get an accurate idea of how much a move will cost, have the movers come to your place to give an in-person estimate. By seeing all the stuff you have, they'll be able to more accurately estimate how much it will cost to move all of your belongings. If you simply go with the lowest price, you may be surprised when the final price is much different than what you expected.

Not Purging

Moving to a new home is also a time to purge all of those items that you have been holding onto for years. If you do not go through your home and purge, you'll just be paying to move items that you'll eventually get rid of. In addition, moving these items also costs you in moving supplies.

Separate things that you do not want in categories to either donate, toss, or sell. Having a garage sale before you move can even help offset those moving costs.

Not Buying Insurance

Sometimes you have to spend money to save money. Your movers will offer you insurance that will pay for any item that is damaged during the move. The best thing about the insurance is that it will cover those very expensive items that are fragile, such as your television and computer. Damaging these items can cost much more than the moving insurance policy, making it a worthwhile purchase if you have enough high-value items that can become damaged.

Not Using Moving Boxes

If you do not opt for insurance, do not try to save money by skipping on moving boxes. They are the one item that is designed to keep your belongings protected during a move. It allowed boxes to be stacked on top of each other easily, and when packed properly, will not collapse and crush the contents of the box below it. Packing things loosely into a truck without boxes is not only more time consuming, but increases the chances of items breaking.

For more information, contact your local moving service.