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After struggling for months with our home, I realized that I really needed to do something to make things better. I started looking around for different places that might be better for me and my family to move to, and I realized that there were a few places around that could really help. I decided to move and put a lot of my things in storage, and it was really remarkable to see how much better my place felt without so much stuff sitting around. I wanted to start a new blog that completely focused on moving and getting things done, so check out this website.


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Moving Hacks To Help You On The Big Day

If you have a move coming up, you're likely going through a long checklist of things that need to be done before you can set up shop in your new residence. For best results, you should start researching local moving companies far in advance and find one that can help you meet your needs. That said, here are some moving hacks that can help you get through this major life event with no problem.

Create an Overnight Bag 

Before you box up all of your clothes and toiletries, make sure to put aside whatever items you will need during the night before the move or during the day of. put all of these items in a specially marked bag that you keep far away from all of the moving boxes. This will let you get to sleep and get going the next morning without running through the house wondering which box your hair dryer or shampoo got lost in. 

Create a Bag for the Kids

While you're at it, it can be helpful to have a second kind of bag ready to go if you have children with you. Put a bag together containing your kids' favorite toys or whatever you can use to distract them and keep them busy while you are working with the movers to get everything out the door. And hey, if you have a dog or cat, don't forget to put a favorite toy or treat in the bag for your animal friend as well.

Label Boxes By Room

If you want to get unpacked at your new destination quickly, it can help to neatly label all boxes before they are put onto the moving truck. Label them according to which room of the house the box is supposed to go to when you arrive at the new residence. If you have specific items that you want to get set up first, put them in a clear storage bin so you'll see them immediately upon arrival.

Use Plastic Wrap Over Your Open Toiletries

if you have toiletries that are either going into a box or into your overnight bag, take the lid off, wrap the entire bottle or container in plastic wrap, and then put the lid back on over the plastic. This will help ensure that nothing leaks out of the bottle while the box or bag is in transport. You don't want to get to your residence and find certain items have been ruined because they are now covered in toothpaste or soap.

For more moving hacks, reach out to a local moving company today.