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After struggling for months with our home, I realized that I really needed to do something to make things better. I started looking around for different places that might be better for me and my family to move to, and I realized that there were a few places around that could really help. I decided to move and put a lot of my things in storage, and it was really remarkable to see how much better my place felt without so much stuff sitting around. I wanted to start a new blog that completely focused on moving and getting things done, so check out this website.


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5 Tips To Help Professional Movers Help Your Pets

Are you moving to a new house with multiple pets? Moving a beloved animal friend to your new home requires planning and preparation as well as care during the process. And professional movers can help. How? Here are a few ways you can make them your and your pet's allies in this big change. 

1. Let Movers Take the Load

Animals respond to humans' stress levels, and moving is very stressful for most people. Therefore, if you help yourself reduce moving stress, you help your pets too. Hire trained movers to do as much as your budget allows. Most movers offer services that include packing and unpacking, disassembly, providing packing materials, and handling specialized equipment. The more you can offload these projects to them, the more time you can spend relaxing with your pets and helping them adjust. 

2. Talk About Your Concerns

When you hire movers, talk to them briefly about your concerns regarding pets during the move. You may worry about pets becoming confused or upset on the big day, for instance. Armed with this knowledge, the movers can take care to avoid causing any stress to the animals and even help you keep an eye out or even offer the occasional treats to make the day better for the pets. 

3. Designate a Pet Moving Box

All family members should usually have a box packed with the belongings they will carry with them to the new home. This usually includes clothing and toiletries for the trip, important documentation, valuables, and a few comforts from home. Prepare the same box for each of your pets. Then, mark it well and let the movers know where it is. They can then avoid accidentally packing in the truck what your pets need for a comfortable trip. 

4. Make a Moving Day Plan

Every pet owner needs a plan for their pets during the activity of the moving day. Many owners place their pets in one empty room or one part of the property so they are away from the chaos. Coordinate with the movers about the pet plan for the day so everyone is on the same page. If any pets will remain loose, be sure the movers are aware to help you keep an eye on them. 

5. Have Your Pets Meet Movers

You want your pets to be comfortable with the movers, so try to have them meet in advance. This could even be part of your vetting process while researching moving services. Advance introductions help you and your pets reduce anxiety about strangers in your home. When you worry less about conflicts with the pets, your moving day will process more smoothly for all. 

Want more tips about how movers can help you and your pets have a safe and happy move? Meet with a local moving company today to discuss their experience and recommendations for your four-legged friend. Contact a local moving company for more information.